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Perfectionism vs the Pursuit of Excellence
Are you a perfectionist? This book helps you to find out if you are and offers useful strategies for making the most of this trait.

Dr. Miriam Adderholdt and Dr. Donna Johnson
Breakfast for the Brain by Scott & Patti Hobson  <font size="4" color="red">&#9733;</font>
Common core friendly activities for grades K-5.
Thinkology by Nathan Levy & Scott Hobson   <font size="4" color="red">&#9733;</font>
Dumbing Down America: The War on Our Nation's Brightest Young Minds by James Delisle
And what can we do to fight back.
What To Do When Your Kid Is Smarter Than You
A practical guide for parents, grandparents,teachers, friends...
The Dog Poop Initiative
A true story about scoopers and poopers, of pointers and heros. Those who score real goals and those who score zeros.
Rachel Mason Hears the Sound
a novel by Cindy Lovell Oliver
Not This Sunday
a novel by Cindy Lovell Oliver
Not This Sunday NTSun
Bright Kids Who Can't Learn  <font size="4" color="red">&#9733;</font>
This book will help you become your child's best advocate as the two of you work your way through the educational system. by Laurie Steding.

See Jane Win
hardback by Dr. Silvia Rimm
How Jane Won
paperback Dr Sylvia Rimm shares how 55 successful women grew from ordinary girls to extraordinary women.
How Jane Won hjwon
Ready To Tell Tales
by America's favorite storytellers
Principles of Fearless Leadership by Dr. Joseph Gulino
Dr. Joseph Gulino with Nathan Levy, Scott Hobson
True Clues -A guessing game
Famous African Americans. By Stephen Appea and Thomas Florian
Best-Loved Stories
Stories told at the National Storytelling festival. With an introduction of Jane Yolen.
Best-Loved Stories BLS
When Fish Go Peopling
Give your child the opportunity to look at the world through new and exciting eyes. A collection of poems crafted to improve reading and thinking skills by expanding your child's imagination.
When Fish Go Peopling wfgp
One Minute Mysteries & Brain Teasers
Very interactive mysteries.
Just Miss Miller
A thought provoking story with a life lesson and universal moral that is appropriate for both children and adults. by Patti Hobson
Miss Miller's Special Valentine
This time the lovable Mis Miller returns to reveal that everyone in her class is "special"... by Patti Hobson
Riley the Brave
Jessica Sinarski